Youthworks Out-of-School Suspension program provides meaningful activities and supervision for students suspended from school to help them avoid negative behavior and to teach them the value of service to others. The program was designed in consultation with local schools and consists of assessment/counseling, homework assistance, and community serivce.   Schools, under certain circumstances, may shorten the suspension upon successful completion of community service, homework and/or progress in addressing issues which resulted in the suspension. The program is offered throughout the school year during the day.   Parental consent is required and releases of information must be signed.  The program is for students enrolled in Bismarck/Mandan schools and Fargo schools.  Referrals are typically made by the schools. Parents must participate in an intake along with the youth and should call Youthworks the day of the suspension to schedule an appointment.

Community Service.   Community service is completed either at Youthworks or various local sites.  Youthworks will provide the transportation to the site.  Parents are responsible for transportation following community service.  Community service will be completed in the afternoons on the days the program runs.

Homework Assistance and Supervision. Youthworks will obtain homework assignments to be completed during the suspension and provide homework assistance to ensure that the assignments are completed.

Assessment, Problem Solving, Counseling & Referral. Youthworks’ professional staff have extensive experience working with all types of at-risk youth.

Contact Persons

Amy Jacobson, Licensed Social Worker, 701-255-6909 ext. 107,
Lauren Bosch, Education & Support Center Coordinator, 701-255-6909 ext. 104,

Jeremiah Bass, Licensed Teacher, 701-232-8558,
Angie Heng, LSW, 701-232-8558,